Consult With Inspire

Step by step details on the consultation process and very specific forms, information and steps to take when interested in working with inspire montessori Consulting, LLC.

Consultation Process:

Inspire Montessori Consulting, LLC provides consultation services in both an affordable and attainable manner by creating a partnership with you that is both positive and transparent.  I strive to ensure success while developing a relationship that will last for many years to come!  Below is a step by step process to help you create a basic foundation from which we may build.  I look forward to working with you! 

Please read over and complete 1 of the 2 forms provided below.  Form titles are specific to Parent/Family and School/Program.  Included in each form is a brief questionnaire that will create a "base" from which we will gain an understanding of your background, interests and goals.  (Please note, these forms require you to download the documents onto your electronic device to be completed)  These forms are required as the information will be reviewed prior to our initial FREE phone conversation.

Once you have filled out the applicable form(s) please send to Inspire Montessori Consulting, LLC as an attached document via email: with your full name as the "Subject" title. 

Once your information is received and reviewed we may schedule our initial FREE 30 minute consultation to discuss your needs.  Please keep in mind that I base my work from the United States in the Central Time Zone (CST).  

Our initial phone consultation will consist of introductions and getting to know one another.  The purpose of our first conversation is to identify your needs based on the information you provided in the completed form(s) as well as to develop a work plan that supports your desired outcome and goals.  If we find in these 30 minutes we are unable to help or support you, I will  guide you to someone to best suit your needs.  

Consulting Fees:

Hourly Fees:  Please contact me for pricing

Package Fees:  Inspire Montessori Consulting, LLC package fees start at $1000

Below are links to specific consultation packages relative to your needs: 

School/Program Search package fees start at $1000

Home Environmental Design package fees start at $2000

Parent Education, Support and Coaching package fees start at $1000

Teacher Training and Support package fees start at $1000

Payment and Agreement Protocol:

You will receive an email within 48 hours after our initial FREE consultation that will include: 

 A.  Contract:  To be completed, signed and emailed to inspiremontessoriconsulting@gmail.com48 hours after receipt of this aforementioned email.

  1. The contract will include an "Exhibit A" specifically outlining the agreed upon consulting services. 
  2.  The contract will include a Credit Card Authorization attachment located in "Exhibit B" of the Contract.  
  3. The contract will also include a Photograph Waiver Form located in "Exhibit C" of the Contract.