Searching For a School?

Information regarding support, help and consultation when looking for a montessori school for your child/family.

Searching for a Montessori School?

Children working with Montessori mathematical materials in a Children's House (or school's) garden.  Working outside is a child's choice and encouraged on beautiful days.  Natural light and fresh air help support learning as children often find inspiration in the company of nature.  

Are you searching for a Montessori school or relocating and trying to find a school program that best fits your family?

Rationale for finding the right school for your family:

Whether you are a family that tends to relocate often due to professional demands or a family that is looking for a school program you intend to invest in and stay with over many years, a Montessori school is a fantastic option.  Montessori schools offer consistent, well rounded and predictable scientifically proven methods and approaches to education that can work for every child. Finding the right school that fits your families needs can be overwhelming and difficult.  There are so many programs to choose from and the key is choosing a program that fits the needs and expectations of your entire family.  Once you find a school that meets your criteria, the rest naturally unfolds as your child is happy, content, secure and best of all, excited to go to school!

Inspire Montessori Consulting Offers:

Inspire Montessori Consulting, LLC can help you find a suitable, accredited and professionally recognized school program that best align with your child and fits the needs of your entire family.  Not all school programs are the same and finding a program that meets your family's needs is very personal and often frustrating.

  • With resources all over the world, Inspire Montessori (IM) Consulting works to research accredited and affiliated Montessori school programs within the United States, Asia and Europe.  

  • IM Consulting takes your schedule, expectations, child's age and developmental stage, child's special needs and/or exceptionalities into consideration and works to situate your family with your ideal Montessori program.  You will be provided with an unbiased, professional review of each school in your local area.  This process is executed through extensive research, phone interviews, supported school program tours, professional references focusing on reputable and suitable Montessori school programs.

A School Program Search Package Includes a Professional Review and Rating of Each School or Schools in the Area of Requested Interest: 

"First Plane" Package Includes Analysis of up to 4 Montessori Programs

"Second Plane" Package Includes Analysis of up to 10 Montessori Programs

"Third Plane" Package Includes Analysis of up to 15 Montessori Programs

Each Package Includes:

  • School website substantiality 
  • School contact information; address, phone number and email address
  • Tuition rates as well as financial aid information
  • State and national accrediting agencies/certifications
  • School administration and guide (teacher) background, such as education background, years of experience, etc.
  • Age and/or grade levels
  • Child/student ratios
  • Accommodations for children with exceptionalities
  • Special services:  multi-lingual, aftercare, clubs, special events, summer camps etc.
  • Enrollment processes

School Program Package Fees Start at $1000


Services are provided in both an affordable and attainable manner by creating a partnership with you that is both positive and transparent to ensure success and a relationship that will last for many years to come!  For more information and to access the fee schedule regarding the consultation process please contact me or go directly to the Consult With Inspire tab on my website and follow the prompts.