Parent Education

Information regarding support, help and consultation when looking for a Montessori consultant or early childhood specialist for your parent and family communities.

Parent Education, Support and Coaching

Are you looking for support, education and clarity on how best to respect and understand your child's development, learning and growth?

Rationale on the importance of Montessori parent education: 

Montessori is not simply an education, it is a holistic approach to education, development and the encompassing life of a child.  Montessori schools look for potential families to join their programs, not just children.  Parents are assessed for genuine interest in the Montessori Method, philosophy, methodology and the genuine belief in a school's mission and vision.  These schools seek out families that hold a great respect towards their child's development and experience as a young human being.  Schools look for a solid support system, as they can only teach and support your child in as much as you, the parent is willing to do the same.  In order for your child to be given the best experience and opportunity in a Montessori environment, the relationship between school and parents needs be mutually exclusive.  Parent Education, Support and Coaching is a constant day to day learning opportunity and is an absolute necessity. 

Inspire Montessori Consulting offers:

Inspire Montessori Consulting understands every interest and situation is unique, and services are provided relative to the specific needs and attentions of your child(ren) and family.  There are endless topics and subject matters to address, and I will support and educate you and your family while guiding you in understanding and embracing any Montessori subject matter or philosophical perspective.

Packages/Options can include but are not limited to:

  • For parents or families in the form of a one on one conference or meeting
  • For parents or families in preparation for a parent/teacher conference or meeting
  • For parents or families in conjunction with Montessori Home Design and Creation Services
  • Pairing your family with a Montessori School Program
  • For a school or a classroom program looking to connect with a parent body on a specific subject matter
  • A meeting or gathering focusing on a specific subject matter or topic

Gatherings or Parent Workshop topics can include but are not limited to the following:

  • Freedom with responsibility versus chaos 
  • Exploration of a specific area in a Montessori environment
  • Montessori Philosophy and Methodology
  • Translating classroom expectations to the home environment
  • Positive Discipline 

Parent Education, Support and Coaching package fees start at $1000


Services are provided in both an affordable and attainable manner by creating a partnership with you that is both positive and transparent to ensure success and a relationship that will last for many years to come!  For more information and to access the fee schedule regarding the consultation process please contact me or go directly to the Consult With Inspire tab on my website and follow the prompts.