Teacher Training and Mentoring

Information regarding support, help and consultation when looking for a Montessori consultant or early childhood specialist to support you or your teaching and staff community.

Teacher Training, Mentoring and Support

             "Be careful what you teach.  You might interfere with what they are learning."   -Magda Gerber

Are you searching for an inspirational experience for yourself, your teaching staff, or looking for teacher training and mentoring for your adult Montessorian's?

Rationale on the importance of continued Teacher Training and Mentoring:

Properly trained and supported guides and school staff mean more effective teaching and learning environments, and the preparation of a guide and supporting staff is paramount to the overall success of a school's culture.  The initial certification of a trained Montessori Guide is just the beginning of his/her teaching experience, as training furnishes Guides with a philosophical and practical platform from which they will continue to develop.  Classroom environments are in constant and continuous flux; everyday brings new experiences and opportunities to learn and grow.  Utilizing training through philosophy, methodology, albums and co-workers are techniques used daily within every Montessori school community.  The priority of a consistent, continuing educational program is vital to optimizing all of the resources and support systems within a school's culture.

Inspire Montessori Consulting offers:

Inspire Montessori Consulting understands every interest and situation is unique.  Services are provided relative to the specific needs and attentions of yourself and/or your staff.  There are endless topics and subject matters to address, and I will support, mentor and educate you and/or your staff while guiding you in understanding and embracing any Montessori subject matter or philosophical perspective.

Packages/Options can include but are not limited to:

Mentoring new teachers:

  • Record Keeping
  • Parent Communication
  • Classroom Management
  • Parent/Teacher Conferences

Support with Montessori classroom design and aesthetics

Teacher/Staff meeting or training to focusing on a specific subject matter or topic

Teacher Training/Mentoring package fees start at $1000


Services are provided in both an affordable and attainable manner by creating a partnership with you that is both positive and transparent to ensure success, along with a relationship that will last for many years to come!  For more information and to access the fee schedules regarding the consultation process please contact me or go directly to the Consult With Inspire tab on my website and follow the prompts.