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What Inspire Montessori Consulitng clients and fellow colleagues are saying

What Inspire Montessori Consulting clients and fellow colleagues are saying...


"Tricia has such a clear understanding of the complex dynamics of a family structure and was able to meet us exactly where we were in order to provide support, guidance, education and above all else, the inspiration we needed to learn more about Montessori philosophy and how to integrate it into our family structure and home environment."

"...Tricia has inspired our family to become more active participants in not only our daughter's education and development but also in her daily living environment."

"In a world that is often hectic, Tricia has been able to bring calmness, structure and focus into our family."

"She brought such a great energy and was always a positive in our day."

"Tricia was creative in trying to find materials that work for my son and at prices my family could work with."

"Tricia helped me put our environment in order and mostly created a clear, organized path through our chaos so my son had a chance to be organized.  He accomplished more by being responsible for his work and space.  She connected with my son and learned what motivated him."

"Tricia was the most perfect addition to our homeschool year...we had fun and learned together and my relationship with my son is better because of the experience we had with her."


"Tricia is fair-minded and keen in her observations and has a positive way of sharing with teachers, affirming the good and making suggestions for improvements."

"...she is emphatic with teachers as they meet the challenges in the classroom and with parents of their students.  She is loyal to Montessori principles, and uses these principles as her guide in facilitating staff and parent sessions."

"Her outstanding professional and interpersonal skills, determination to excel, clarity of focus, and integrity are personal hallmarks which will strengthen any organization."

"I cannot say enough good things about Triica!  she is highly professsional in her manner, works effectively with others, communicates will; she has a keen ability to recognize and identify needs; she is respectful and resourceful..."

"I find Tricia a pleasure to work with and look forward to the days when we teach alongside each other.  She is highly professional and extremely capable...Her classroom management and organizational skills are exceptional.  Tricia is an experienced Montessori educator and a leader in her field...  Her many years of teaching experience allow her to quickly identify student and teacher needs.  Tricia consistently offers helpful and insightful advice to support the teachers and students."